Why I collect kitchen knives

I love to cook so one of the most important tools in my kitchen is the knife. Not just one knife, but several different knives for different tasks. There is nothing more frustrating than a dull knife that can't cut through semi-frozen meat, or a flimsy knife that might break and fling in your face.


Believe it or not, sharp knives are safer than dull knives. Crazy right? It's true. With a sharp knife, you don't have to press too hard to cut. You know it's sharp so you pay more attention to what you are doing. Here's something else to consider. If you accidentally cut yourself, a good quality knife leaves a clean and straight wound. It will heal faster than a cut made from a dull knife.


So which knives are good enough? Don't get too caught up with kitchen knife reviews. You don't know a knife until you've actually held it in your hand and cut something with it. Each chef prefers a specific feel to a knife, just like each pianist prefers a specific touch on a piano.


Choose knives that have a good return policy. Try them out before you commit months or years to them. I have tried the cheap and expensive, the As Seen on TV, the retail store brands, and also the door-to-door sales. I have to say my favorite are Cutco knives. Why? Because they just work.


In saying that, I don't mean that Cutco are the best knives in the world and you should run out and get them right now. Are there better knives out there? Absolutely. However, one reason why I love Cutco is that you don't just get great quality knives, you also get a 'Forever Guarantee'. You can send in as many knives in as you want to get them sharpened for a flat fee of less than $10. If you're lucky and live in an area without sharpening facilities, they even send you back new knives for free!


Again, don't just take my word for it. Try them yourself. Save yourself the misery that many household cooks go through by not knowing the importance of a good knife. If you cook, it's a tool that you use almost every day so give it some thought.

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