Can you have enough kitchen knives?

I often ask myself if you can have enough kitchen knives. When I first started to cook, I thought that I would be able to manage with just one kitchen knife. As I got into cooking, I started to appreciate that a kitchen knife was so much more than just a knife. Kitchen knives are some of the most useful tools in the kitchen, and we should not underestimate their importance. Unfortunately, when you are new to cooking, it is all to easy to undervalue the importance of kitchen knives as a tool, and think of a knife as just as another knife. 


Today, I have become a bit of a specialist when it comes to kitchen knives, and I cannot stress how important they are in my life. Without quality kitchen knives, I would not be able to run my food blog properly. The food would not be presented as well, and quite honestly, I doubt that it would taste as nice. The way you cut your food up is not only vital when it comes to presentation, it is also just as important for taste. We often forget that cutting up our food properly before it goes in the pan, helps when it comes to cooking the food.


After spending a lot of time reading the best kitchen knives reviews, I know that good quality kitchen knives should be the first thing that you should invest in for your home kitchen. The knives that I bought 10 years ago are still with me today, and are just as good. It is worth spending a bit extra on your knives. A lot of my friends throw their knives away when they become dull. Decent kitchen knives will stay with you for years if you look after them, and mine have been sharpened numerous times. They are excellent and without my dearly beloved knives, my kitchen would not be complete. I would suggest you to take a look at the best chef knives 2016.


Here's an illustrated guide to use different types of kitchen knives.


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